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Adventure Quest

Support Toyota. Earn Points. Choose Your Adventure.

As a Policy Driver, you have the opportunity to participate in Adventure Quest – an interactive game experience that allows you to have fun and earn points while taking action for Toyota.

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Choose an avatar inspired by our past Toyota Policy Driver experiences, including Star Quest, Dragon Quest, Super 5, and Ninjas:

alien door opened alien door
shark door opened shark door
knight door opened knight door
wizard door opened wizard door
dragon door opened dragon door
dracula door opened dracula door
Choose a door by using the arrows and click “Unlock.”
You need a key to unlock a door. Gain points and earn keys by taking action.

Relics Earned

You haven’t earned any relics yet. Be sure to take action, gain points, and earn keys to unlock doors and find out what lies beyond them. Go forth -- choose your adventure!

Revisit where you've adventured by clicking on the relics earned below.

Take additional actions:

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Quests of Years Past

Check out what Policy Drivers achieved in 2022 with Dragon Quest and 2023 with Star Quest!

How to Play

With Adventure Quest, you get to choose your own adventure.

How does it work?

  1. Take action, including writing letters to your legislators, watching educational videos, listening to exclusive podcasts or testing your knowledge with fun quizzes.
  2. Gain points to earn keys to unlock doors to reveal an adventure.
  3. Select the door of your choosing by using the arrows and click “Unlock.”
  4. Receive a relic as a reward for your adventure.

How many points do I need to earn keys?

  • 1st key: 150
  • 2nd key: 250
  • 3rd key: 500
  • 4th key: 750
  • 5th key: 1000

There are 6 doors, but you can only earn 5 keys, so choose your adventure wisely...

celebratory design showing a key at each point level

Unlock a Door

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