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About Toyota Policy Drivers

We are a community of 10,000 Toyota team members across America. Policy Drivers work together to protect and promote Toyota and the U.S. auto industry. Our mission is to tell Toyota’s story to lawmakers.

As a Policy Driver, you are empowered to:

  • Take action by sending letters in just a few clicks to your elected officials on issues impacting our business;
  • Stay informed through videos, podcasts, interactive educational games, and live events — all made exclusively for you; and
  • Learn more about the politics and policies that affect our company.

How Grassroots Advocacy Works

  1. Communicate with your elected officials

  2. Learn more about politics and policy

  3. Earn points for taking action

  4. Impact legislation that impacts you

  5. Be part of the Policy Drivers community

Toyota Government Affairs Team

We, the members of Toyota’s Government Affairs Team, consider our partnership with the Toyota Policy Drivers network to be one of our greatest assets in the public policy arena.

By joining forces, we can do a better job of telling Toyota’s story and demonstrating the tremendous contribution that our company makes to the U.S. economy. Toyota Policy Drivers do so by contacting and interacting with members of Congress, state lawmakers, and other policymakers. If you have any questions about a specific policy area, please do not hesitate to reach out to the corresponding member of the Government Affairs Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toyota Government Affairs developed this free and voluntary grassroots program to raise awareness of important legislation and to allow Toyota team members to contact their lawmakers on issues that are important to the long-term success of our company. Elected officials are greatly influenced by local voters when they hear from them.

Our goal is to maximize our team members’ ability to influence legislation that impacts our business and the auto industry while allowing our team members the opportunity to learn more about the legislative process and stay informed on the politics and policy impacting our business.

A few times a year, Policy Drivers will receive a “Call to Action” email with a brief explanation about an important issue pending before U.S. Congress or a state legislature explaining the company’s position on the issue. A draft letter is provided for you to personalize if you wish and email to your elected official outlining Toyota’s views. If the issue is not one you wish to support, you are not obligated to respond to the “Call to Action.”

Grassroots outreach involves constituents, or voters, contacting and establishing relationships with their state and/or federal legislators regarding issues of importance to them. It is an extremely effective way to lobby, as state and federal legislators are particularly responsive to their constituents’ concerns and opinions, and as such, Toyota team members wield tremendous power.

Our goal is to tell Toyota’s story. Doing so collectively maximizes our team members’ ability to influence legislation that impacts our industry, our company and our communities. The program also allows team members the opportunity to learn more about the legislative process and pending legislation. Toyota Policy Drivers make a difference by speaking to legislators on specific public policy issues that are important to you and may impact the long-term success of our company.

The draft letters generated from the Policy Drivers website will include your home mailing address to identify the appropriate elected official’s constituency services office in Washington, D.C. This is a key element to the success of the program because it identifies our team members as constituents to the elected official, and hearing from constituents is extremely important to legislators.

All salaried Toyota team members from TMNA, TFS and the NAMCs may be eligible to join. If you’re unsure or have questions, contact policydrivers@toyota.com.

Toyota Policy Drivers is a completely voluntary program. Participation or non-participation will not impact your job or performance review.

Those who volunteer are able to participate during regularly scheduled working hours as indicated in the Toyota Policy Drivers User Agreement. Participation in calls to action will require no more than a few minutes of your time a few times a year. Overtime is not authorized for participating in the Toyota Policy Drivers program.

Toyota Policy Drivers have worked carefully with TMNA and TFS IS management teams to verify its practices, and procedures concerning the handling and safekeeping of team member data are fully compliant with Toyota’s data security standards.

Our Government Affairs team, with the support of our North America executive leadership team, continuously reviews business and policy issues that are important to our company and determines Toyota’s grassroots strategy, issues, and position. When an important public policy issue is brought before the U.S. Congress or a state legislature that impacts our business, the Toyota Government Affairs team will work closely with our internal experts.

All Calls to Action are voluntary. If you have an opposing view, you are not obligated to respond to the Call to Action. Toyota values the individual beliefs of our team members, and you are free to exercise your constitutional rights outside of Toyota Policy Drivers. You may either refrain from responding to the Call to Action, or a link will be provided on all Call to Action alerts allowing you to opt out at any time.

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